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12 Things That Can Cause Memory Loss and Confusion

memory loss

You may have a bad memory or you could be experiencing memory loss. The confusion when you just can’t remember something, or when you forget a name.

A hundred years ago, people only had to remember and make decisions on 100 items per day. Now, we are up to 40,000 every single day. It’s natural to forget some of these, but not always.

Memory Loss at 30

  • As we age, our ability to remember things quickly declines.
memory loss and age

This is a natural fact. But, it doesn’t have to be quick or sudden. At the age of 25, our brains are fully developed and our ability to learn new things declines. This includes the shopping list and names. We can actually head some of this off with vitamins and nootropic aids. They provide the building blocks for new memories, making remembering easier.

Diet Based Memory Loss

  • Your diet kills your brain.
diet and memory

Processed foods, high-sugar foods, chemical flavorings (natural and artificial), colors, and preservatives have all be found to depress your ability to think. Most chemical additives, colors, and preservatives are actually banned from use in most of the world because they cause lethargy, short-term memory disruption, and ADHD. They also aid in causes many of the diseases and need for the medications in this article.

Simply cutting these out of your diet avoids this problem and can help avoid the rest of the problems, as well.

Selective Memory Loss

  • Yes, this really does exist.
trauma and memory

Outside of joking around, Lacunar amnesia is the result of a trauma or intentionally forgetting a memory. It usually happens when the person is unable or unwilling to recall or deal with a specific event.

It is not simply forgetting the laundry or your spouse’s birthday. Those have more to do with our next cause.

Stress Based Memory Loss and Confusion

  • The most common memory loss cause is stress and anxiety.
stress and memory

It’s usually the reason most people forget items and events.

This actually happens in two different ways: Too stressful to remember (see above) or too much information to keep straight.

When you forget a birthday, it more often because there are too many other things going on around it or the actual memory is of a different day. When you forget the milk on your way home from work, it’s because you are worried about work, not the milk.

Meditation, a lower carb diet, and making lists are all ways to help reduce the stress and help your memory.

Depression And Memory Loss

  • Depression dulls your mind.
depression and memory

It caused by hormonal disruptions, and these effect how we produce and retrieve memories. This is the second most common cause of memory loss.

It causes a type of memory loss, called pseudodementia, that resembles memory loss due to dementia. Your doctor will need to determine the degree of impairment. People with memory loss due to depression are aware of their memory loss. Most memory loss is for small details, not important events. Medications that rebalance the hormones can help in the short term. Counseling, nutritive (diet) therapy, and hormone replacement are long-term options.

Medication Induced Memory Loss

  • Many drugs cause memory loss and confusion as side effects.
drugs and memory loss

Read your labels and do what is necessary to get off those medications.


  • Memory loss is one of the listed side effects.

It is most prevalent in women over 60. Different types of memory loss have been reported, from the most common short-term memory to disruptions in long term memory.

Some smaller studies show this is not a problem and most people do not experience it. You should talk to your doctor if you or your loved ones notice a change or think the warfarin caused confusion or memory loss.


  • Cognitive impairment, memory loss, forgetfulness and confusion are all side effects of statins.

These drugs are changing the body in so many ways, it’s not surprising. Anytime you start to play around with the hormones and fat distribution channels, you are going to rob your brain of the ability to think clearly and form good memories.

Many studies show that a diet that is rich in brain aiding foods also remove the cause of diseases statins are used for. The best aid is to change your diet and avoid the statins and memory loss.

ADHD & Other Stimulant Medications

  • ADHD medications depress a child’s brain and cause lethargy.

This causes the brain to retain more information and improve concentration, but it comes at the cost of memory functions if the medication is stopped. Other stimulant medications work the same.

Once the stimulant is no longer being applied, the reason for poor memory, confusion, hyperactivity, or distraction disrupts your ability to think and function fully. While not memory loss, you may not be able to concentrate long enough to remember the facts.

Disease Induced Memory Loss

Blood Pressure

 The pressure causes the brain to age at nearly double the rate it should.

  • High blood pressure causes confusion and memory loss based on blood flow.
blood pressure and memory

A greater, more serious risk is stroke. High blood pressure often comes with hardening of the arteries and plaque build-up. Even mild high blood pressure and minor plaque build-up retards blood flow to the brain, slowly killing nerve cells. The blood also moves to quickly through the brain to adequately nourish the cells.


  • Did you know the medical community is looking at renaming Alzheimer’s Type 3 Diabetes?
diabetes and memory loss

That’s because the same high sugars that cause diabetic blindness and neuropathy in your arms and legs also are destroying your ability to remember and think clearly.

Diabetes can cause confusion and memory loss through the acts of too high or too low sugars in the short term. In the long term, the sugars and excess insulin strip the myelin sheath off nerves in the body. This results in pain when it happens to receptor nerves (neuropathy) and memory loss in the brain (Alzheimer’s).

A lower carb diet changes the body and removes the cause of diabetes.

AutoImmune Induced Memory Loss

  • Auto immune disease have long been linked with dulled attention, mild distraction because of pain, and short term memory problems.
autoimmune disease and memory

New research is showing that receptors in the brain actually are not working correctly to properly form memories and recall information.

Management through diet and lifestyle to minimize pain, inflammation, and injury both slow progression of the disease and improve memory function.


There are several websites, both serious and fun, were you can take short term memory loss tests. Your doctor will be able to help you determine the proper cause of your memory loss.

Many of the problems that cause memory loss can be resolved using diet, lifestyle, and supportive means. We suggest you try these therapies to achieve long term success, rather than relying on more medications, which can cause more problems in the long-term.

If you liked our article, please share it and use the comment section below to tell us about your experiences or ask any questions. Thanks!


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