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Are you every tired? AddieUp can help. Do you ever need that extra bit of oomph or improved concentration? AddieUp can help. In fact, if you are troubled with lack of energy or lack of focus and attention, then this may be your new best friend. Users from around the world are reveling in the success they have been able to gain while using the AddieUp product.

Now it’s time to see what all the fuss is about. If something is really that good, we want to know why, how, etc. So we have decided to do an AddieUp review. We will be covering what it is, what it does, the ingredients and providing you with some information on ordering if it seems like something that will work for you.

One thing we want to make note of straight out of the gate is that this company stands behind its product. Seriously folks…this is something to pay attention to. If you are not completely satisfied with the AddieUp product they have a money back guarantee that they stand behind 100%. That should tell you something. A good company with a good product but they know everything is not for everyone, so they guarantee your satisfaction.

What Does AddieUp Actually Do?

In case you are not familiar with pharmaceutical or medicinal terms, this particular question might be something that we think of as a mechanism of action. What makes it work and what does it do? Those are important questions so let’s get started.

AddieUp is a great natural replacement for Adderall a pharmaceutical amphetamine compound with many possible severe side effects. Adderall also has the potential to become addictive. That in itself can be very scary, but combining that with the risks is absolutely frightening.

So, what AddieUp does is use naturally beneficial herbal stimulants that are non-addictive to enhance your concentration, beef up and prolong your energy levels and help you to maintain the correct level of focus to get the job done. Just imagine being able to accomplish all of that while gaining some health benefits as well. We’ll cover exactly what it is below but to summarize what it does here you go.

  • More energy
  • More focus
  • Better concentration
  • Brighter outlook

And what can these benefits help you to achieve?

  • Better grades
  • Better promotions
  • More rest
  • Less anxiety
  • Better relationships
  • Better workouts
  • Better bodies
  • Better health
  • Better brain health due to antioxidants
  • More fun in life!

What Exactly is AddieUp?

Ingredients of anything you take are important to know. Knowing what the AddieUp ingredients are is the best way to understand what it can do for you. You’ll be happy to know that AddieUp is high quality. It is a doctor-designed custom natural herbal supplement. After suffering from problems of inattentiveness, boredom, inability to sit still and maintain focus and being a drug guinea pig for many years of his life, the AddieUp creator decided to do something about it to help others like himself.

Yes, Dr. Mike Baker is a chiropractor and some folks complain about that because he’s not something like a family practice doctor or something, but guess what.

Chiropractors are thankfully the gang that has always thought ahead of the norm and outside of the box. These forward-thinking doctors have brought many healing methodologies to the forefront of modern medicine. Thankfully, they continue to pursue truth and success in the more natural sciences.

By caring and keeping on until he got just the right ingredients that he knew would be successful in helping millions suffering just like him, Dr. Mike was able to create a product that he knew would work and that’s why the company offers a money back guarantee.

The ingredients are fairly simple. First, we’ll cover the big guns.

  • Yerba Mate – This is an extremely potent and well-researched herb that has been used for centuries in certain portions of the world. Full of antioxidant and many nutritional benefits, Yerba mate has long been made into a drink enjoyed for both its flavor and its health-enhancing properties. Here are a few of them.
  • Detoxification
  • Immune system enhancement
  • Appetite suppression – helps with weight loss
  • Increase oxygen to the heart
  • Improves focus and energy
  • Improves mood
  • Improves better sleep
  • Possible effect on lowering blood lipids
  • And there are more
  • Guarana – Well known for its energy boosting power, Guarana enhances both body and brain power as well as endurance. Wisely used by Indian tribes from for many centuries, guarana is no new discovery. Rich in caffeine, guarana has long been sought after for both its physical and mental enhancing properties. It plain and simple revs you up without the derogatory components of some caffeine sources. It’s revs up the endurance and brain functions such as memory and alertness as well as your mood.
  • Nootropics – These have come to be thought of as mind enhancers. They help cognition, memory, intelligence, motivation, attention and more. Believed to improve the availability of the brain’s neurochemicals, these “smart drugs” have been widely researched and are both widely accepted and widely used.

Dr. Mike just wouldn’t stop until he had the compound just right.

What Kind of Health Benefits?

AddieUpThink about it like this. If you are feeling more energized, focused, happy and fulfilled you will be able to alleviate a host of problems that can plague those suffering from these problems. Just imagine…now you are able to stay on task and get the job done, get the paper or assignment completed correctly and efficiently, your grades look better, your boss is happier and you are becoming better all the way around.

Your self-esteem and self-worth are improving. Your demeanor, attitude, and success are all taking an upward soar. Sound good? Sure it does! So what kind of benefits?

  • Self-esteem and self-worth improvements can lead to increased activity and a healthier lifestyle.
  • This can help problems with overweight or obesity.
  • Improved happiness and self-value help decrease the risk of depression, etc.

It’s not hard to see how these types of improvement can lead to a healthier you all the way around.

addieup infographic

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 Where to Get Your AddieUp?

Your first decision is are you ready? Do you want to leave Adderall and dangerous drugs like that behind? Do you want to get off those expensive, nasty-tasting energy drinks? Do you want to feel great and be your absolute best? If you are ready, we want to help you know where to buy AddieUp.

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