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Will AddTabz Work for You?


You’ve probably come here today because you are considering getting the Addtabz product to help you with problems related to concentration, focus, sluggish cognitive function, memory, etc. You are probably wondering do Addtabz work, do they have side effects and stuff like that.

Because the product is becoming increasingly popular and finding its way into more homes around the world, we felt it was only right that we investigate and work up a quick Addtabz review. If we determine by the time we are done that this is an honest product with good benefits for our readers, then we will help you out (if possible) on knowing where to buy Addtabz.

Now…let’s get started along the journey to finding out just what Addtabz is all about with the best Addtabz review we can possibly put together.

What is AddTabz?

We figured this is a good starting point. In order to understand if you want to purchase it and use it, you need to first understand what it is and what it does.

Addtabz is manufactured by a company by the name of GenTech. The GenTech Company has been around for more than 25 years and is one of the pioneering world leaders in designer pharmaceuticals. Their goal is to help the world achieve success through more cost-effective means where you don’t’ always need a doctor’s prescription to get the help you need.

A lot of people have come to think of Addtabz as a nootropic (brain enhancer). It’s a smart drug you might say. The main active compound is called Ampheta-CDP. This is a synthetic version of the amphetamine designed to make it safer for those who need it.

Who Can Benefit From AddTabz?

Based on the benefits purported by the Gentech company and supported by the users of the product, most people can use if Addtabz if they desire to. Those who might be more specifically interested in the product are people who have problems with concentration, memory, lack of energy causing mental fogginess and the need to enhance their ability to retain information better.

AddTabzCollege students some who have a history of ADD or ADHD and some who do not have found the product to be greatly effective in helping them to keep up their studies while burning both ends of the candle in the manner that many students are prone to do.

Specific benefits of the Addtabz product have been frequently reported. It’s amazing that this nootropic agent is considered to have so many benefits. Depending on what your need may be you are likely to see it become a reality with Addtabz. But just exactly what are those potential benefits?

Let’s take a look here to make sure we’ve hit all the possibilities.

  • Enhanced brain health and functionality
  • Improved memory
  • Accelerated learning ability
  • Geared up all out cognitive function
  • Improved alertness
  • Improved energy
  • Improved focus
  • Improved attention
  • And that’s not all folks

Is it really that good? Can Addtabz really do all of this and give you the benefit of enhanced brain function? Can it help you stay awake, alert and full of energy? Can it keep your brain on track, focused and concentrating so that you are able to study and pass that exam or finish that major project?

Well….let’s see what the users of the product have to say since that’s the only way to really know if something works.

What Do AddTabz Customer Reviews Have to Say?

Just like anything, we will likely be able to find some positives and negatives. The major consideration we want to evaluate is the ratio of what the users say. That’s what we will be looking for here folks. We know there won’t be all great and grand. We expect there won’t be all negative as well. Hang tight while we bring it forward for you. We’ll give you the run down on what we find below.

 Adderall feels more like a drug, this feels more like an assistance.

              Valerie Borelly from NBC Fort Myers

Some reports of irritability were noted as well as a couple of people with an upset stomach when they first started taking the product.

 My attention span is not the greatest due to lack of sleep…I ordered some Addtabz…I already notice a difference. What a blessing, thanks again.

   Dirty Army

So…it’s not perfect that seems to be the statement here. But, does it work? Yes, it certainly seems to be the gist of things that this is a successful product. The Addtabz users seem to be totally in love with this product beyond the shadow of a doubt.

addtabz vs adderall infographic

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If you are ready, we believe we have torn it apart well enough to state unequivocally that we will recommend this to you. We have gained confidence in the ingredients and we trust the people who use it know the story.

Where Do You Buy AddTabz?

We are truly glad to have been able to bring you a successful product. Details and answers are our specialty. Now it’s time to get your Addtabz here:

 Click Here to Try AddTabz from the Safe Official Website * 


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