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MindHow.com is a growing community focused on improving memory and brain functionality and finding solutions for ADHD/ADD and other mental disorders while offering alternatives to Adderall medication.

We can offer you various advertisement opportunities on our website.

advertise with us

Among our advertisement options you can find:

  • Banner Advertisements
  • Product Reviews

Banner Advertisements

We offer  banner placement for you to advertise on the sidebar of our website. The following is a description of the available banners:

  • 3 Available Banner Placements
  • Sizes: 180 X 150
  • 50$ for 30 Days Each
  • Sidebar banners will not be published on product review pages. 
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  • We may accept a special request to match your media campaign needs. Contact us to discuss custom banner sizes and placement demands.

Product Reviews

If you own a product related to our niche we can offer you our product review services. We will need to receive a sample of your product. After examining it, we will deliver a written review on our website reflecting our honest opinion about your product.

  • Note: All hyperlinks resulting from sponsored activity will have the rel="nofollow" attribute attached. We don't permit paid links under any circumstances.​ 

For more information about our advertising options, please contact us using a contact form on our contact page