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Amazing Natural Energy Drinks That Really Work

Natural energy drinks

If you suffer from brief bouts of lethargy, this page is going to be really helpful. Here we are going to tell you about some great natural energy drinks that really can give you a quick boost.

Not All Energy Drinks are Just About Caffeine

When most people think of energy drinks, they immediately think of today’s caffeine-laden sports drinks. These are very popular and they have their place, but not everyone likes them.

However, not everyone wants to drink them. They would prefer not to drink something that is high in sugar and contains many chemicals.

Fortunately, they do not have to because there are some good quality alternatives that are much more natural. Here is a quick overview of some of these healthier alternatives.

Energy Shakes

Milk based shakes can be a great way of boosting your energy. Milk contains plenty of high-quality protein that plays an important role in energy levels.

Bananas for Energy

Adding a banana to any shake is a great idea. It is high in potassium and contains plenty of B vitamins, which is vital for energy. Vitamin B helps with the production of blood cells, which carries oxygen around the body. The right level of blood cells is important for energy and stamina.

Greens Based Energy Shakes

Green shakes have the added benefit of helping to purify your body. This means that they do far more than give you a quick shot of energy.

The more cleansed your body is the better it functions. This allows you to get more nutrients from your food. It also helps your organs to work more efficiently. The healthier your body is the better your energy levels and stamina will be.

Nut and Seed Based Energy Shakes

Nuts and seeds contain high levels of protein, as well as magnesium and other trace elements. They help to regulate your blood sugar throughout the day, which is very important when it comes to maintaining your energy.

Natural Herbs for Energy

Herbal energy boosters are very popular and with good reason. They taste great and they really work.

In addition, they are virtually calorie free. If you are on a diet, they are the perfect way to give yourself a lift in the middle of the day.

Herbal drinks are easy to make provided you have access to the raw ingredients. Sadly, most people do not have a herb garden, but you can grow some of these natural herbs on a windowsill if you have one.

However, if you want to drink them during your workday or while you are out your best bet is to buy good quality dried herbal teas. Here is a list of some of the best ones.

  • Reishi Mushroom – This is not strictly a herb, but it is natural and makes a great tea or clear soup. However, it is a rare mushroom, so it is hard to find and it can be expensive. If you do buy it be careful because there is quite a bit of fake reishi out there.
  • Ginseng – This root is one of the most commonly used natural energy boosters. It works for virtually anyone and has a very good reputation. You can make your own ginseng tea or infused water by slicing up some fresh root and adding either the cold or hot water.
  • Green Tea – As well as being a good antioxidant green tea is great for stimulating the metabolism. When you stimulate your metabolism, more energy is made available by your body, which is why you feel more energetic. It works quickly. To get the biggest benefit try to steep it for at least five minutes.
  • Ginkgo Biloba – This product energizes you by stimulating the brain. It comes from a tree that only grows naturally in China.
  • Nettle Tea – For centuries people have drank tea made from stinging nettles. It brings many health benefits, but few people know that it is good for boosting energy levels. However, it has to be steeped overnight to be effective. This means you have to drink it cold.

A Great Organic Energy Drink

energy shakesIf you are looking for an energy kick similar to that you get from classic energy drinks there are some great options. These days you can buy good quality energy drinks made from organic ingredients.

These drinks are sweet and sparkling, but they are made from sparkly spring water and sweetened with natural fruit juices like apple. For an extra kick, they have ginseng and other herbs that are known to boost energy levels.

Natural Energy Pills

If you are travelling, energy pills are a great option. You can take them anywhere and they do not take up much space. Most of these natural energy pills are a combination of herbs and vitamins that act as a pick me up.

There are plenty on the market. However, before buying them, we recommend that you check the ingredients list and read a few reviews. Some are definitely better than others are.

If you already take herbal supplements or enjoy energy boosting shakes or teas, we recommend that you look for those ingredients in any energy pills. The chances are that if a herbal tea or energy shake that is rich in ginseng works for you then pills that contain that ingredient are likely to work well for you as well.

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