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Clinically Proven EXCELEROL®: Too Many Ingredients or Finally Just the Right Combo?


When we search for something to keep us awake, alert, and focused, we try out 3 things: The quick and easy, the illegal, or what actually works. More often than not, what actually works is the very last thing we wanted to try.

Coffee is first: quick, cheap, easy. But it doesn’t last. And let’s face it, getting a good cup of coffee in a dorm room or the office just doesn’t happen.

Some people go the road of the illegal. Drugs like Adderall or Provigil seem like a good idea at the time, but can land you with lots of long-term problems, especially if you get caught.

Finally, we break down and get the stuff that works. When you compare EXCELEROL® to Adderall or EXCELEROL® to Provigil, you will find EXCELEROL® is not only cheaper, it’s healthier, safer, and legal.


Let’s take a look at EXCELEROL®’s ingredients:

Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with a detailed description of each one. Each one is natural.

First, the B vitamins provide the support for the energy production, basically the building blocks for new neurotransmitters. The Guarana, Kola Nut, Peppermint, Green Tea, and Black Tea give you energy. The DMAE, Carnitine, Tyrosine, Alpha GPC and Huerzine boost your acetylcholine levels, which give you a huge boost in thinking power. The Ginkgo provides long term memory improvement. The herbs give you anti-aging and anti-oxidant power to keep your brain sharp over the long term.

And it’s all in 1 little pill!

Each of these ingredients has dozens of studies to show they work, are safe, and are natural. Many you know. The B Vitamins sit on any grocery store shelf. Most of the extracts are herbs and teas you can get in the grocery store. The amino acids (the ones ending in –ine) are found in most foods.

So, why EXCELEROL®? Well, this little pill is formulated to be a perfect nootropic. It’s the right balance between energy, nutrition, and stimulation. It’s going to give you the boost you need without draining your health, giving you headaches, or keeping you up when you want to sleep!

It’s already pre-measured out, and pre-formulated for you.

For most people, 2 capsules per day is adequate and most people will take 3 capsules per day. A full EXCELEROL® 90 day maximum strength supply will get you through your worst finals, papers, and stressful life events!

Some people have poo-pooed the mix of EXCELEROL® ingredients. They say the ‘kitchen sink’ approach just doesn’t work.

But you can’t argue with the results!

Customer Reviews

EXCELEROL® is a clinically proven, safe, natural nootropic. It helps you retain long-term focus, high energy, and great balance. It has a blend that limits and eliminates side effects, so you can sleep well and be healthy.

I am taking this product from last one year and you won't believe me that it has changed my life all through. My mental level is not that which was a year ago. Thank you Excelerol for this awesome gift. I would say this is not just about intellectualism, this gave me relaxation and mental comfort. I always suggest this to my friends as well and they say thanks to me after using this . 

from NY

Oh, you will find plenty of poor reviews of this product. But, what’s so scary is people recommend going to your doctor and getting a prescription for a drug that’s known to cause addiction just to save a little money.

Or worse: many recommend getting the drugs illegally.

I want a natural, safe, legal supplement that isn’t going to hook me for life or cause depression when I stop. EXCELEROL®’s side effects are much shorter and magnitudes milder than prescription medications.

It does not produce any jitters or nervousness or a crash like some workout supplements I have taken.


And, it doesn’t cause stomach problems, like drugs.

I have a very sensitive stomach (I can drink one cup of coffee in the morning) and cannot 'keep down' a single cup of (regular brewed) black tea either hot or iced because of the acidity. But I CAN take Excelerol, taken even 3 hours after a meal I felt absolutely zero stomach upset, no heartburn or nausea AT ALL.

Iaan Fisher

Things to Watch Out For

EXCELEROL® is formulated to reduce and eliminate side effects. But, like everything else, if you are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients, this isn’t for you.

You should only feel energized, focused, and in control when you take EXCELEROL®. Jitters, shaking, not sleeping, or feeling sick is very rare, but it can happen. We actually found people are reacting to just one of the herbs, not the whole product.

And, it does take a few days to a week or two to really get to feel the full effects. If you are depleted in some of your vitamins, you build up those first, then get energy. We can’t have energy and focus when we don’t have enough to just feel normal.

The final drawback: it’s not cheap. But it’s not expensive either. At $99 for 90-pills, it’s one of the more costly supplements. You need to weight the natural, safe history of effective use against the cost and decide if you are going to go with something that works or waste time with something else.

Where Do I Get It?

I found this product carried by all the large, respectable manufacturers. You don’t need to go to some exotic overseas shipping company or black market. And we can see it’s all the same price, and that shows consistency.

My favorite and trusted site is their official website (You can reach it from the link below). It is the best for customer service, price, shipping, and follow-through. You won’t get a better deal.

Final Verdict

This is one I definitely recommend. It has a long list of ingredients, but one of the most balanced and diverse. It’s not going to send you into any toxic overload, like some supplements.

While it can be expensive, it’s worth the price. Some of the ingredients are not easy to manufacture or keep in pill form. It’s another reason for the larger list.

The fact these ingredients are natural and safe make this one of the top products you can take for energy, endurance, and focus. It one of the only ones you can get on your own, legally, that actually work.

Stay safe, stay legal, keep up the good work!

Click Here To Buy EXCELEROL® from the Safe Official Website * 


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