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12 Super Powerful Natural Energy Boosters for Workouts

natural energy boosters

Whether you are just starting out with exercise or a long-term veteran, you know that some days you just lack the energy to get up and go. There are natural, effective, and safe ways to boost your energy and make your workout the best it can be.


water hydration

It all starts with water. If you aren't properly hydrated, you slow down. The biggest hit comes in your mind. Dehydration slows your thought process, energy conversion, and decision making abilities. Basically, you’re slow. And slow doesn't build muscles.

Drinking lots of water isn't going to give you instant energy. It’s just the foundation. You could try everything else on this list and still not get the energy or workout you want if you aren't hydrated. In fact, some of these might just give you a headache if you aren't hydrate. So, drink up!


eggs natural energy boosters for workouts

The government is reversing its position on fats and joining with us who have known for a long time eggs offer a great balance between nutrition, energy, fats, health, vitamins, and fullness. Eggs have nearly complete vitamins for us, healthy fats and cholesterol, and high quality protein.

1-2 eggs per day will provide you with energy in the morning, fullness, and control of your sugars so you don’t get burnout or cravings.


Oatmeal natural energy booster for workouts

I often recommend eating a bowl of oatmeal for the fiber and nutrients. It also packs a healthy amount of good carbs for instant energy.

When we pair this with eggs, we get the best of both worlds: quick energy from the carbs, slow energy from the proteins and fats, and lots of vitamins and minerals. These natural energy foods are a perfect combination.

Green Tea

Green tea natural energy booster for workouts

One of the healthiest drinks, green tea packs a phytonutrient punch. There is a little caffeine in green tea, but not enough to affect most people. If you want a caffeine boost, read the next section.

The cachetins help provide anti-oxidants. They help reduce muscle fatigue and the muscle burn of a long workout. It can help accelerate fat weight loss and preserve muscle mass. Green tea strengthens bones.

The EGCG helps protect your brain and helps convert vitamins and sugars into energy. Japanese researchers followed athletes who drank four cups of green tea per day had their overall endurance upped 8-24%.


Caffeine natural energy booster for workouts

Caffeine is the first and often best short-term energy boost. Caffeine works on the body and brain to clear your thoughts, improve your metabolic rate, and give you energy. The effects last between 4-6 hours. Coffee is the traditional method of getting caffeine and most people do well with a couple of cups when they need an energy boost.

Many supplements now offer caffeine without the coffee. Just be careful of energy shots with lots of caffeine. Too much caffeine too quick can cause heart problems. Below, we’ll talk about some supplements that balance the caffeine with protective herbs so you stay healthy.

Vitamin B

vitamin b natural energy booster for workouts

This class of vitamins are necessary for energy production. All of them work in your body to produce energy. But you just can’t take a B Vitamin pill and expect an energy boost.

This is one of the boosters you need to take long-term. Many people just don’t get enough. So, your body will use the B vitamins for your heart and brain before giving you an energy burst. When you choose vitamins that give you energy, make sure you pay a little more and get quality ingredients.


Ginseng natural energy booster for workouts

The active ingredient is 'ginsenocides', which helps our hormones produce proper energy and regulates our metabolism. When our hormones are stimulated and supported, we can produce lots of energy on demand. Using ginseng and a proper diet gives you a huge boost. Using herbs for energy is a great way to balance your health and energy production.


Reishi natural energy booster for workouts

This is a medical mushroom from Asia that has been used for centuries to heal and give energy. It helps your body provide long-lasting energy through energizing your qi and unblocking stagnant energies. In Western terms, it helps the lymphatic system move freer and increases your metabolism.

Reishi is often paired with ginseng in supplements for a doubled boost.


This amino acid is often found in energy drinks and supplements. It’s a pre-cursor to the hormones that produce energy. Basically, this is the building blocks of energy.

On its own, tyrosine doesn't do much for you. You need the choline and B Vitamins to properly convert this amino acid in to hormones for energy. That’s why in blends, it is included.

If you get headaches after a workout, tyrosine may help relieve them by providing the nutrients needed for proper mental aptitude.

Energy Shakes & Drinks

Energy shakes and drinks natural energy boosters for workouts

Energy drinks can be good or bad. Commercial products often rely on tremendous amounts of sugar and caffeine. They give you a boost, but leave you feeling drained later. That’s not what we want.

Good energy drinks have many vitamins and a balance of energy producing herbs and nutrients. This might be hard to tell the difference, but here’s an easy clue: healthy, natural energy drinks are more expensive because they include healthy ingredients, quality control, and nutrients. If you are going with an energy drink, choose quality over cheapness.

Energy Supplements

Energy supplements natural energy boosters

Any one of the items here can be taken as supplements. For many people, using a pill form is easier. Again, you want quality control. Do your research to check testing records and seek out the US Pharmacopeia seal.


Nootropics natural energy boosters

This is a group of herbs and supplements specifically blended to provide long-term energy and peak performance. It takes doctors and nutritionist to develop blends that are balanced. Many of them include the foods, vitamins, and nutrients on this list.

The best natural energy supplements are blends. Depending on what you are looking for there are different blends. Some are designed for mental acuity, some for muscle building, some for endurance. The links in this article will provide our recommendations of the best supplements for you.

What other natural energy boosters do you know and we've missed here in your opinion? Did you try any of these above and felt some positive results? Please tell us about your experiences or ask any questions.  Thanks!

If you liked our article, please share it and use the comment section below to tell us about your experiences or ask any questions. Thanks!


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